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Are you learning about the Iroquois around 1500? Do you like building things and using computers/Chromebooks?

Here is a student booklet to help you research and create a model of an Iroquoian village around the 1500s that talks when it is touched. You can also make models and scratch projects based on the other societies and territories that you learn about in class. Here is a guide to help you.

Have fun and keep learning!



Using programming can be an engaging and effective way to teach social science content and nurture digital competency.

We have translated and adapted the work of our RÉCITUS partners to offer you a student booklet on how to create an interactive model of an Iroquoian village around the 1500s. We have also translated this accompanying teacher’s guide and a guide on how to use Scratch and Makey Makey in elementary social sciences classes. The possibilities are endless!

Want to learn more about using Scratch in your classroom? Why not attend a Quebec Scratch Educators Meet-up? These virtual meet-ups are bilingual and a great way to exchange ideas and connect with colleagues. 


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