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Access a series of guides that could be used to offer badges for the I.O.s in history. Teachers could “hand them over” to students as they practice each operation, and as they become proficient in using them in different situations. The original guides were prepared by the RECITUS team for the secondary level. However, here we are offering Elementary versions that use the materials on the Societies and Territories site!
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Note that the actual badge images are also available here in a separate folder, new Elementary Evaluation Grids are also available here

Note to teachers about these guides. The original guides were prepared by the RECITUS team for the secondary level, and many of their original versions are available via their site here. 

These guides allow the teacher or pupil to illustrate concretely an abstract intellectual operation. However, they are not instruments of evaluation. Rather, they allow the student to assess they are in their appropriation of one or other of the intellectual operations. They are also tools to inspire and motivate students, as they can be used in gaming strategies in class, a playful learning tool, or as just one teaching medium among many others. It is up to teachers to define an appropriate distribution system. You could, for example, determine that the student must have at least 5 references to an intellectual operation to acquire the level of skill required for your course. Finally, you could use the images included, or a tool like Credly to distribute your badges digitally. 

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