This is a board game design by Joelle Barbeau of Riverside School Board. First inspired by games like FAUNA, Joelle copied and adapted the same cards used from the original English version of Chronos (available here), and then she expanded their use to include intellectual operations like “characterize a society” and “locate in time and space”!


Goals of the game:
This is a game to test your knowledge on a given society (for example, New-France in 1745).  It is essentially a board game that uses playing cards. Every turn will reveal a new card. Players will estimate some elements related to that card, such as the time period, the location and an aspect related to that card. Points can be made for each element.  This card game strategy could be used to review and remind students of the facts related to various societies (selected according to the time period studied).  It assumes previous knowledge of the facts in each card.

Intellectual Operations covered: 
Characterize a society:  Characterized in terms of the aspects (political, economic, cultural, demographic).
Situate in time and space:  Situate the information of the card on the map, and on the timeline.

Game instructions and additional tools (board, aspects defined, etc.) are available here.  Also, the actual Google document is available here should you wish to change them to suit your needs.

For convenience a PDF of the cards used in the game is stored here.  Note that this PDF should contain all the current versions of the cards.  However, printing from the LIVE cards page below is preferable and possibly more current. 

To print, the best strategy is to first visit our card printing page here and wait to load ALL the cards presently available, then follow the instructions and different options for printing. 

Our original Google Drawings are also accessible here, should you wish to copy and create your own versions!  You can also right click to download as an image or PDF of a single card at once. 

Note: This game idea was inspired by Chronos Timeline game as well as FAUNA, a game by Friedemann Friese. This game strategy also uses the same Google Drawings templates used in the Chronos Timeline game on LEARN here.  And also some of the game designs and card ideas in the Cycle 2 Card game: Review societies & connect the facts!

This page is also available in: Français